15 Best Mad Hatter Costume Ideas

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We know his name, we remember his Mad Tea Party, but most importantly, we remember him from the line below from one of the classic literary masterpieces and recently, a movie too, played by Johnny Depp – Alice in Wonderland.

Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?
Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

In the story, Alice follows a bunny down into a rabbit hole and dreams of being in another world, where she meets characters along her journey. One of them is a member of the Mad Tea Party, The Hatter – it is also interesting to note that Lewis Carroll, the author of the book, never used “Mad Hatter.” The description was from the Cheschire Cat, warning Alice about the hatter who has a somehow unstable mind, making him, ‘mad.’ It stuck, however, with the Mad Hatter being one of the most popular characters in this story, still as lively to this day.

Three things stand out with the Mad Hatter

His love for riddles, the never-ending tea party, and his outfit matches no other. How Hatter is dressed along with his accent and voice is a reflection of how he feels inside. This means that there is never a wrong way to dress like the Hatter, making him one of the most fun characters to dress up as.

Generally, however, the Mad Hatter has fiery red hair with soft curls underneath his hat, wild eye makeup, a unique jacket over a vest, topped with classic yet oversized bow tie, and of course, a large top hat with the label “ In this style: 10/6” – an indication of how much the hat is sold, as ideally, he makes hats for a living.

Express your inner bonkers, with an outfit inspired by the Mad Hatter! In this post, we have rounded up some of the best and most creative Mad Hatter costumes, some of which you can buy online and put together, and while for some, get the creative juices flowing and go for a full Do-It-Yourself (DIY). This list also includes Mad Hatter-inspired costumes for all ages. Go wild with your version of the Mad Hatter costume – the more bonkers it is, the better!

1. The Classic Look: Jacket, Red Vest, and a Hat

With an outfit inspired by the films, Instagram user @amberarden poses with a teacup to complete the Mad Hatter look. We especially love the purple and blue eye makeup and curly red hair, along with the details of the hat with a peacock feather, the oversized bow, and the overall outfit.

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2. The Johnny Depp Hatter

Inspired by the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter, this outfit by @amilcardermatology adds a spool sash or a bandolier in the costume, along with more crafty-brooch made also from threads. Also loving the mismatched socks here!

3. The Hatter Lost Outdoors

We don’t usually see the Mad Hatter strolling casually outdoors, but for this costume, it is comfortable enough that one can go for a nice walk in the park. A red suit, a black plaid shirt, a spool stash too, the bow tie, and black striped pants make this Mad Hatter costume. Of course, the oversized hat, with details of mushrooms growing out of it too. User @a_graz84 also made sure the Mad Hatter had his teapot with him and teacups that dangle from his coat.

4. Mad Hatter in Tweed Suit

A more toned-down version of the Mad Hatter outfit, but still as eclectic is this costume by @kennainthekingdom. Here we see the Mad Hatter in a tweed suit, with a dainty bowtie, and in pink lipstick. The light makeup, the classic red hair, and of course the extra-large hat are timeless pieces that complete the look.

5. A More Basic, Corporate, Mad Hatter

No time to prepare an elaborate costume? Let @mikaylapaisley be your costume inspiration. Simply throw in a maroon suit over your usual workday outfit, tie up a scarf as a bow tie, put on some Hatter-inspired accessories such as these chunky rings, and add some details to a black fedora (especially the 10/6) – voila! An instant Mad Hatter costume. Don’t forget to grab a teacup to complete the look.

6. Mad Hatter Out in the Woods

Much like the setting in the original story, the Mad Hatter spends his tea time in the forest. In this costume by @just_ine_portfolio, the look is created with a black blazer, a black large bow tie with floral details, checkered pants, and striped socks in two different colors. The hat is adorned with bright orange and metallic green ribbons as well, with the 10/6 label. The white gloves are a nice addition too and of course, we can’t forget the porcelain teapot and mug!

7. Hatter with a Mask

Current world events are not stopping the Mad Hatter, especially when it’s on a day out to the Happiest Place on Earth! Instagram user @thedavidlatorre visits the Mad Tea Party site in character, complete with a mask also inspired by the hatter. The outfit includes details in the oversized hat such as paints in different colors and a red ribbon wrapped around it. A vintage brown coat with lace frills and ribbons in different colors, adds a nice touch to the DIY costume, along with the spools of thread. There’s also the bow tie, a vest, and pinstriped pants too!

8. Floral Mad Hatter

Instagram user @all_of_my_outfits creates a very unique Mad Hatter costume, combining floral dainty details and the classic hatter pieces – oversized hat, bow tie, and a teacup. We’re so loving how creative and unique this outfit is, especially the vintage coat and the shorts perfect for summer or spring. This outfit is great for those who are into floral prints and light pastel colors. It’s great on the eyes, while also still staying in character with the ‘madness’ inspired by the Mad Hatter.

9. Diamond Prints and Mad Hatter in Purple and Blue

This Mad Hatter costume by @lealea515 goes back to the classic illustrations of the Mad Hatter, way before we saw the film versions – with a little twist. The diamond details are inspired by the checkered pants of the hatter, put together with the vest, the coat in two different colors, the diamond-printed bow, and the large hat (also with diamond prints along with the 10/6 label)! What makes this costume stand out more is Mad Hatter’s wild hair, which we see here in shades and stripes of bright purple and blue. Something the Mad Hatter would be wearing on days he’s feeling that zing!

10. Zombie Mad Hatter

Why stop with being mad, when you can go all the way to a zombie? User @justjamesjoe goes full creative with this zombie version of the Mad Hatter. Changing the makeup from just the eclectic Mad Hatter to a zombie-inspired look, with sharp teeth, bloody mouth, and then cut from the Queen of Hearts card – we just can’t get enough with how cool the overall idea is. There’s still the hat, the coat, the bow tie, the spool sash, and the hatter’s chunky ring – only this time really, Alice should think twice of coming close to the hatter!

11. Mad Hatter in Stripes

A fusion between the signature Mad Hatter makeup and hat accessory, with the unique details of a pink scarf, striped black, and white blazer, and bright blue hair. This look by @luella.chavez is a great Mad Hatter-inspired costume, for those who can’t find an extra-large hat and don’t have the time to create or look for a vintage coat with frills and laces. A nice and simple outfit, but still the same Mad Hatter energy!

12. From Willy Wonka to Mad Hatter

There’s no limit to being creative when it comes to coming up with costume ideas. For this outfit, user @kazka_makes repurposes an old Willy Wonka costume and ends up with this stunning Mad Hatter look. Loving the details of the entire outfit – from the feathered and sequined hat, the corset-like top, and the short shorts together with the purple coat. Don’t forget the teacup to complete the Mad Hatter vibe!

13. Mad Hatter from the ’70s

With his scuffle with Time, the Mad Hatter was punished with a never-ending tea party. But why not play with time a little bit more and be inspired with this Mad Hatter look, straight from the ’70s? It’s a more relaxed look compared to the other Mad Hatter costumes, but it still has that hatter energy – just maybe a little bit more proper! Instagram user @dude.in.a.suit puts together a polka-dotted long-sleeve shirt, a pale yellow vest over it, a nice little black bow tie, white gloves, a bandolier, and of course the Mad Hatter hat and teacup. Love how this Mad Hatter DIY costume is lowkey but still very creative!

14. Little Mad Hatter on Book Week

Introduce the young ones early to the magic of reading books and allow them to live them in real life too, by dressing up as their favorite characters. In this, we see @xxshonellexx little one posing with a teacup while wearing a Mad Hatter costume from the @costumebox. The kiddie costume comes with an oversized hat, a red wig, a green coat with a time in reverse detail, yellow pinstripe pants, a big bow tie, and a diamond-printed vest. This is just too cute for words! Check out other best kids costumes here.

15. Baby Mad Hatter

We’ve all been babies at some point and this is pretty much the same for the Mad Hatter. Only, we don’t know if he is as cute as this little one, as posted by @charityeliza. Lounging around with pumpkins, baby Mad Hatter dons an orange coat over a purple vest, green checkered pants, and an oversized polka-dotted bow tie! In the last photo, we also see him with his extra-large hat (also with a 10/6 label!) and with this pacifier. Too adorable!


Question: How do you dress like the Mad Hatter?

Answer: The Mad Hatter outfit needs a jacket with a vest, an oversized bow tie, mismatched colorful socks, and the largest top hat you can find and adorn it with ribbons, feathers, beads, and the card that says “In this style: 10/6.” Bring along a teacup and a pot if you can, too!

Question: How do you make a Mad Hatter hat?

Answer: There are many ways to amp up a regular hot to make it fit for the Mad Hatter! Grab an old fedora, decorate it with ribbons, features, and all the other things that remind you of the Mad Hatter, and don’t forget the 10/6 label for the final touch. To make it extra fluffy, you can also try wrapping the hat in multiple layers of fabric. For added fluff, foam or some fillers might work too. There’s also a tutorial linked below on how to make a Mad Hatter hat from paper!

Question: How do you make a Mad Hatter jacket?

Answer: There are many ways to amp up a regular hot to make it fit for the Mad Hatter! Grab an old fedora, decorate it with ribbons, features, and all the other things that remind you of the Mad Hatter, and don’t forget the 10/6 label for the final touch. To make it extra fluffy, you can also try wrapping the hat in multiple layers of fabric. For added fluff, foam or some fillers might work too. There’s also a tutorial linked below on how to make a Mad Hatter hat from paper!

Question: How do you make a Mad Hatter hat out of paper?

Answer: You can easily create your Mad Hatter hat with construction paper, paper cup, paint, a pair of scissors, hot glue, and all the accessories and decorations you want to add. Follow this tutorial to help you get started.

Question: What color is Mad Hatter’s outfit?

Answer: In the Mad Hatter version of Johnny Depp, the Mad Hatter costume was a combination of a red-brown coat and a red-link vest. The back of the jacket is purple, with stripes of red and pink.


These are just some of the Mad Hatter costumes that you can take inspiration from. As we saw in this list, the basic ensemble would be a hat (the 10/6 is very important), a vest worn over any top, a jacket or a coat, and a large bow tie. Bottoms can range from pants or skirts or shorts – anything really. Don’t forget the teacup and a teapot and if you can, go wild with the hair and makeup. Most importantly, set the bonkers wild and free. After all, just as Alice said: all the best people are.

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